About Us

The Lioness Group is a full-service media relations firm based in Springfield, Massachusetts. With a specialty in public relations, they work with an array of clients throughout New England.

The firm was founded by Natasha Clark in 2009 and is the umbrella company of Lioness, the leading digital magazine for female entrepreneurs.

About the Founder:

The seed was planted in adolescence. Natasha was assigned the chore of dusting the living room. She asked why her older brother couldn’t do it and she was told a girl has to learn how to take care of a home.

Since then she has pretty much been obsessed with challenging the stereotypical roles of women. Natasha spent the first half of her career being a nosy news reporter covering town politics, cutesy school projects, embedding with Marines in the Mojave Desert and touring Thailand with Rotarians.

After returning from Bangkok inspired in 2009, Natasha stepped out on faith and went from receiving hundreds of emails per day from publicists to sending hundreds of emails per day as a publicist. With her firm The Lioness Group she began working with nonprofits, entrepreneurs and women conferences to build media buzz around their events and services.

The more female entrepreneurs she worked with, the more she began getting a feeling in her gut that she could not explain. She was meeting women entrepreneurs on all levels of business – from startups to thriving CEOS – who were seeking exposure. She realized something was missing. Mainstream entrepreneur magazines were geared toward men. There was no sole platform for these women to share their successes, failures, and a place where they could be educated and supported. That feeling in her gut was intuition that she had stumbled headfirst into her purpose.

And on her 31st birthday, Natasha launched the first issue of Lioness, the leading digital magazine for female entrepreneurs. Since then she has been steering the startup magazine as publisher, speaking with young women about taking their destiny by the reigns and hosting events for women to inspire and educate them on how to follow their passions (and earn some cash from it, too).

In her spare time she continues to advocate for causes that make her cry, teeters the line of giving her teenage son independence and smothering him with love and keeps one eye open for the right guy to appreciate her remarkable dusting abilities.

~ Always Aspire to Inspire ~